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Attorney Armentor Expanding Lafayette Hope: Attorney Glenn Armentor's Mission to See Lafayette's Good Hope Expand - Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Attorney Glenn Armentor's Mission to See Lafayette's Good Hope Expand

Constructed on the foundation of the historically significant Good Hope Hall, the Glenn Armentor Law Corporation was established to provide help to people who are truly in need and deserving of fair compensation for injuries or damages, regardless of their station in life.

A staple of the Lafayette community since before the Civil War, Good Hope Hall's utility has changed over time, but, steeped in the tradition of helping others and standing as community beacon, its essence has remained much the same. The original purpose of the hall lives on, a century later, as a place that gives hope to individuals, now in the form of the legal firm.


Built in a part of Lafayette originally called "Freetown” the hall was first a meeting place for the society of "Free Men of Color,” and its leaders, living among lower and middle class Caucasians. The building became a Catholic church, twice, a great jazz hall during the depression of the 1930's, and in 1981 became the Glenn Armentor Law Corporation. Through its various transitions material and design elements have been preserved, keeping the Hall's original spirit and appearance intact, even now, as the law firm's 13,000 square foot expansion nears completion. Wishing to carefully retain the characteristics of the original, Glenn Armentor had the new addition's interior and exterior crafted to incorporate important elements, including in the most modern of rooms – the two new cutting edge conferencing spaces.

Once complete the firm will total 25,000 square feet and will offer one of the most technologically advanced conferencing spaces in the State to better accommodate clients, who remain the at heart of the practice, as well as the twelve dedicated lawyers, tireless paralegals and essential administrative assistants that make up the backbone of the firm.

The two-story addition will rise over 300 Stewart Street enclosing new offices, and spacious client seating. The outer facade will have green louvre shutters, brick skirting, and white plank siding – features of the carried over in honor of Good Hope Hall. Beautiful antique doors and attention to detail have made it possible to bring this modern structure to life while integrating the aesthetics and architecture of the original landmark.

Most exciting are the two cutting-edge conference rooms, allowing clients the best in court preparation and case analysis 

through advanced audio and visual technology. Physical and wireless connection of any device and for multimedia presentation projection onto a video wall help the conference rooms to serve as the perfect space for clients and lawyers to lay out every detail. Additionally, HD video conferencing allows the sharing of presentations and evidence with multiple remote parties at a time. This complex, but user-friendly system also offers a client's team the ability to bring in expert resources both internal and external, via face-to-face conferencing.

All construction of Good Hope Hall is slated for completion in late January, and the attorney and staff occupants are excited to open the doors of the expanded Glenn Armentor Law Corporation 
in 2015.