I am sending you this card to let you know that I am very thankful for what you have done for my family and I. You made a difference in my life because when I left your office your conversation with me replayed in my head for days. Thank you for investing in a total stranger. Thank you for living obedient to God. Mr. Armentor words can not express how grateful I am for you. Thank you for the reality check you gave me in our conversation. I am a very strong woman but I allowed my situations to make me fall. Pleas know that you gave me the will to get back up again!

I pray that God continues to allow you to be the caring, honorable, successful and wonderful man that you are today. Thank you very much Mr. Armentor! Sincerely, Constella

Robert and family

Thank all of you so very much for al that you have done. God bless you all. Robert, Angel, Brittany and Kody.

A valued client

Dear Glenn, Christian recently represented me in an insurance auto accident case. I was very please to deal with such an honorable, intelligent and personable young attorney. I feel that you are very fortunate to have Christian on your team. Thank you.

Vanessa and Chris

Dear Mrs. Debra Scadder, This is just a little something to let you and Glenn know how much Chris and I really appreciate what you have done. Like I said before we have learned more from your firm in 2 days than I have in 2 yrs. My feeling, my thoughts have changed to the better thanks you. Thank you!!! So much!!! Vanessa and Chris

Ronnie and Rita

Glenn, thanks again for taking the time to be with Ronnie and I. You’re always doing such nice things, and each one reminds me how much you care about us. You are very thoughtful!!! We love you Glenn! P.S. Hope your eye is better.

A valued client

We will never forget your kindness and patience. Thank you.

Nessie and family

Dear Glenn, Thank you for being my friend during the past 18 years. The girls and I have a special place in my (our) heart for you. When we were hurting you were there for us. Thank you! We will never forget your kindness…

Glenn, during the next few years PLEASE learn hot to stop and smell the roses along the way. I hope you have a wonderful year in 1992 and you find "whatever” it is that will make you truly happy. We love you! Love Nessie, Shawn, Shannon, Shelly.

Kenneth George

Hi Mr. Armentor, Just a few lines to say Thank You for being there for me in times of need. I know that I’m not the only person you’ve helped out, but I can’t figure out how you can take the time out to do so. I’ve been here for about a month. My mother who just made 87 years old is out here staying with my sister. She was real happy to see me. I’ve spent 4 days in the hospital again for blood clots in rt. Leg and my diabetes, but otherwise I am doing fine.

Mr. Armentor, again I would like to thank you for all that you’ve done for me. I went off shore and forked for only 10 days, but that help(ed) pay for my plane ticket up here. By you being there for me in time of need, (it) felt like you won a big case for me. Mr. Armentor you and your family are in my prayers and may god bless you and your family. You are real friend. Kenneth.


Dear Wayne and Glenn,

Just a thank you for what you’ve done. In a time where things are seldom as they seem, how refresing to be blessed to find someone as truthful and straightforward as you. What a pity there aren’t more like you, but then again that’s what makes you both so special. Sincerely, Joyce

Joseph and Mary

Thank you so much. You’re such a blessing. From Joseph and Mary To Mr. Glenn Armentor. May God Always Bless You.


Dear Mr. Armentor, This letter is sent to you with my appreciation of your firm handling my workers comp claim. I would like to thank Mr. Steve Leblanc for his professionalism and courteous manner with my claim. He always returned my calls and was very patient with me through this past year. I saw first hand that he is a great asset to your firm. Sincerely, Amelia.


Dear Mr. Armentor,

This letter is being written to you by me, Patrick {name withheld} to express my feelings to you and your staff for the way you have treated me and my family in our time of need. The fact that you, as busy as you are in your law practice, have decided to represent me in what I consider to be one of the biggest problems in my life is still beyond me.

I say this knowing there are no guarantees in my life when it comes to matters such as the ones concerning my case. But win or lose, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I am being represented by not just the man who is one of the best in his profession, but also a compassionate and caring person.

What you have given me is, is peace of mind and in my opinion, there can be no monetary value attached to that. Although there are people out there with far worse problems in their lives, most people, including myself, in trying to make an attempt to provide for their family’s well-being do what they can to take care of their own.

I hope that this unsolicited letter on my part will convey to you and my friends and acquaintances my feelings towards you ad your very professional staff on the courtesy and compassion you have shown me in my time of need.

Sincerely, Patrick.

A valued client

Pat told me about your willingness to help me and your kind words. It meant a great deal to me during a difficult time – I won’t forget. Thank you.

Justine, Dean and Jessica

Dear Mr. Amentor: We would like to take a moment to thank you, Mr. Curtis Hollinger and Ms. Vicki LeBlanc for settling the case for Jessica. Jessica has come a long way and wants very much to move on with her life and future goals. She is feeling better but still battles with some medical issues.

Our prayers have always been to restore Jessica back to a healthy states so she may continue to pursue her dreams and upcoming career.

Our correspondence with Mr. Hollinger was a very positive one. He upheld your law corporation in an utmost professional manger and we feel he did the best that he could to represent our daughter. We are thankful for his representation.

Ms. LeBlanc did an outstanding job on maintaining professionalism, patience, and kept us on top of the case at all times. We want to express to you what a valuable asset she is to Mr. Hollinger but also to your corporation as a legal secretary. We were very impressed with her performance and feel she needs to be commended for her excellent services.

Our son’s referral and the experience of working first hand with a client of your is what brought us to your door step. We made the right decision and we thank you for your time and legal representation. We are truly grateful. God Bless, Justine, Dean and Jessica.

Thomas r. Juneau, Sr.

Dear Rebekah,

I simply wanted to commend you and Glenn on a job well done in this case. You advocated you clients’ positions very well and di so with a high degree of professionalism. Your clients received stellar representation and I am sure they were pleased with the terms of the settlement. I look forward to working with you again on more cases in the future. With kindest personal regards, I remain, Yours very truly, Tomas R. Juneau, Sr.


Glenn, I just want to thank you for doing such a fantastic job on my settlement. I really appreciate it. I would also like to thank you for all the advice you gave me. Thanks for being a friend and my lawyer. Love, Julie

Joanna T.

Thank you and your staff, so much for all your hard work! God bless you all! With deep appreciation.


Dear Attorney Glenn Armentor:

On December 22, 2006 I fell in the TJMaxx department story on Johnson street. I came to your law firm seeking legal representation. Your office appointed, Attorney Rebekah Huggins as my attorney to defend me in this case.

When I met with Attorney Huggins, she was very pleasant, yet very honest with me regarding my case. I explained to her that I had not had much experience with pursuing legal matters. She assured me that she would look at the information I gave her and she would get back with me. Attorney Huggins did exactly as she stated; not only did she get back with me, but she did in a timely manner. Everything that she explained and recommended to me during this process was done in a professional and in a timely fashion. A relationship and a level of trust developed during this case between she and I. Tiffany was equally as helpful and professional when contacting me and answering my questions as well as relaying messages to Attorney Huggings.

My case was settled October 19, 2007. I wanted you to know that Rebekah Huggins is an excellent representation of your law fir am f of the law. I would recommend her and your firm to my friends and family. Attorney Huggins deserves high praises for her professionalism, expertise advice and her willingness to defend the client’s and firms’ best interest. I commend you for hiring her and wish you and your firm continued success. Sincerely, Jeanette

A valued client

Dear Attorney Huggins, I was very pleased with your professionalism, expertise and willingness to __ my reward. I really appreciated you honesty and kindness You are definitely an asset to Glenn Armentor Law Firm. May God Bless and you have continued success.

A valued client

Thanks for sharing your insight and knowledge with me. Although it was perhaps not what I wanted to heard, I think it was what I needed to hear. I send only the most sincere gratitude for the "counsel” you gave me and hold you in the highest regards.

Dear Mr. Armentor,

This cordial note is being sent to you for several reasons.

As our attorney, we were impressed with how much you have an encyclopedic knowledge of the law. You are a genuine leader and so gifted at brining out the best in others. You taught us that some battles are worth fighting even those that end in defeat.

As our friend, we enjoyed discovering that underneath that elegant surface, you have an adventurous spirit. We bet you can play several sets of tennis and not perspire.

We all would like to bid you a heartfelt farewell. Our physical presence will truly be missed, but our mutual bondage will always be there. Now we understand why the hardest word in the vocabulary of man to accept and understand is "goodbye”.

Anissa, Allison and Jonathan

We, as a family, hope you much success in whatever endeavors you partake. Wee won’t tell you not work too hard. You love of the law allows you to excel at practicing it. Just take care of you. It was an absolute honor and pleasure knowing awesome you and thanks for giving us such a good feeling by just being around you. God be with you always. Anissa, Allison and Jonathan


Thank you for your help, professionalism, kindness and especially your patience and loyalty. You are so appreciated! Many thanks, Gayle.


Dear Glenn,

This letter us is an appreciation for taking my father’s automobile accident case. I realized there were problems with the case and that it might be difficult finding another attorney to take the case after Mike Harris botched it up. Once again you’ve come to my aide.

Mike Tomino was very helpful and showed much professionalism, but I wouldn’t expect anything less your law firm. He even sounds like you. Thanks again. Sincerely, Faye

Edith, Edmund

Mr. Armentor,

Thank you for taking the time to think of us. What you did really meant a lot. Thank you again, Edith, Edmund


Dear Mr. Armentor,

I would like to thank you for all that you have done for my family. I am grateful to have a friend and an attorney like you. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put in this case. The details of the case have made it hard on all of us, but hopefully it will be for the best. No matter what the decision is, I will always remember what you have done for us. Sincerely, Danielle


"…I was so impressed by your genuine care for you patients. You gave me a totally different view of the personal injury professions. Someone who really fights for their rights. After seeing you deal with patients over the years. I have honestly told everyone since that time if I ever need a personal injury lawyer myself – You would be the one! I am serious….”

Brad and Bibi

Dear Mr. Armentor

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for taking the time to see me concerning my automobile accident. We feel the information and and advice you offered to us will be invaluable in the upcoming days ahead.

We deeply appreciate the professional manner and honesty concerning you decision about our case(s). My only regret is that I didn’t know of you firm in June of 1988. That I may have chosen you first. You may however, rest assured, I will not hesitate to contact you should anything else ned professional attention.

You and your staff have demonstrated the highest standard of ethics we have witnessed during the past year. A model firm to others. I can also assure you that your firm will be my first choice of referral should I know anyone who needs professional advice.

Again, thank you for all of your time and effort in this matter. Sincerely, Brad and Bibi


As you can imagine we are happy campers! Thanks for all your effort on Richard’s behalf. Please schedule the meeting you suggested at you convenience. Bonnie

A valued client

We appreciate everything you have done for us. We think you are one of the greatest attorneys. And we have told and will tell everyone who has a problem about you. From now on both of us count you as our attorney. We hope we don’t have anymore problems in the future, but if we ever do we will come back to the best attorney. We think of everyone working for you as the nicest people. Thank you for everything you have done for us, we truly appreciate everything.

A valued client

Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. May God bless you.

A valued client

Mr. Armentor: I received and thank you very much for the list of expenses on Jonathan’s case. Thanks also for affording me the opportunity to pay the expenses incurred by you law firm. I wish I could compensate you for the hard work and time you put in this case.

Glenn, on behalf of the youth 4th day Day Fund, and Brother Luke, please accept our thanks for your generous gift from the firm. Since you cannot make the trip to see the Holy Father John Paul II perhaps this picture will be a suitable memento.

A Valued Client

Glenn is perhaps the hardest working lawyer I have seen in nine years of practice. He constantly strives for the best in all that he does. In the large case or small case his attention to detail is amazing. He has exceptional legal ___ abilities and expresses himself within and out of the courtroom with clarity and ____.

He is a lawyer’s lawyer. He protects his client and keeps their trust. He is honest, diligent, brave, and intelligent. He never shirks a cause for the public opinion or misleads anyone by ___ or fact of law. He has upheld his oath as a___ profession with the___ ___ or integrity. Both professionally and personally I note him with the highest of morals.



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