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$10,000 Pay-It-Forward Scholarship Foundation Kicks Off Mentorship Program with First Annual Luncheon - Friday, August 22, 2014

The Glenn Armentor $10,000 Pay-It-Forward Scholarship's first annual luncheon brought together past and present scholarship winners in a function to recognize the students and introduce a Pay-It-Forward mentorship program.

The Pay-It-Forward Scholars, all of whom are considered at-risk, and previous to the scholarship faced many hardships, met each other, many for the first time and were inducted into the new mentorship program to further develop their community leadership skills.

"With this scholarship, the aim is for more than just a monetary hand out, said the scholarship's founder and benefactor Glenn Armentor. "We're in our fifth year, and now have 14 Pay-It-Forward Scholars who have become responsible for paying it forward and are being tasked with mentorship roles. In this way we are spreading the influence of smart, talented, young achievers even further.

Keynote speaker, and Senior Unit Director of the Granberry Club's Girls and Boys Club of Acadiana, Harold Alexander addressed the program's large implications saying, "By instilling a sense of giving back in these already hard working students, we're building not just a community of scholars but a community of leaders. This scholarship is making positive change in Acadiana from the ground up.

Each student who has received a scholarship has moved through their education at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette or South Louisiana Community College.

2012 scholarship recipient Raven Woods spoke of the great impact the $10,000 Pay-It-Forward scholarship had on her life. "This scholarship and the program surrounding have given me a chance at an education and a career, that I otherwise may not have had. It's such a great thing that Mr. Armentor is doing to give back to the community.

The $10,000 Pay-It-Forward Scholarship was established in 2010. These scholarships are given annually to at-risk young men or women who display the spirit, work ethic and character that is deserving of a chance for a better future as well as needy adults facing exceptional hardship. The scholarships are awarded by an independent panel of community leaders based on a combination of attributes including: student performance, drive, ability, need and desire to seek a college degree.


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