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Pay-It-Forward Scholarship

Growing up in poverty as one of 10 children raised by non-English speaking parents, Glenn Armentor’s trajectory seemed destined for a life within courtroom confines rather than behind the attorney’s desk. However, guided by the kindness of strangers and their unwavering support, Glenn’s journey took a transformative turn.

To honor this legacy of generosity, he established the Glenn Armentor ‘Pay-it-Forward’ Scholarship Program. This initiative annually awards a $10,000 scholarship to hardworking, at-risk high school students from the community, empowering them to pursue higher education and reshape their futures. Candidates are meticulously selected by an impartial panel of community leaders, assessing a range of criteria such as academic performance, determination, financial need, and aspirations for higher education.

Ways to Apply

We are actively searching for deserving candidates each year. If you or someone you know is interested in applying, please consider taking one of these steps:

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Past Scholarship Recipients

Screenshot 2024 04 02 110624

Chesney Menard

Screenshot 2024 04 02 110949

Kylee Dore

Screenshot 2024 04 02 111448

Parrish Lopez

Screenshot 2024 04 02 111918

Saxon d’Augereau

Screenshot 2024 04 02 113005

Adelina Duhon

Screenshot 2024 04 02 113119

Sara Mendoza

Izamary Lara

Izamary Lara is a first generation daughter of two immigrants. Growing up, her home life was unstable for as long as she could remember. When her mother finally got the courage to leave for abusive father, their family struggled financially, living paycheck to paycheck. Izzy’s mother told her she’d be on her own for high school and college. Izzy continued to work hard in hopes of answering her life’s calling – medicine. With the help of the Pay It Forward Scholarship, Izzy now has the help she needs to pursue her college education and her dream of being a Cardio- thoracic surgeon.

Corynn Gray

Corynn Gray was raised as one of 20 children between her mother and father. No matter which parent she lived with, the environment was unhealthy. Abuse, neglect, and addiction eventually led Corynn to homelessness. Despite it all, she continued to strive for a better life than the one her parents gave her. Finally staying with a stable guardian, Corynn was able to finish her schooling and become a business owner. Now, with the help of the Pay It Forward Scholarship, Corynn is pursuing a Visual Arts degree at UL Lafayette.
Screenshot 2024 04 02 115626

Kelsey Latiolais

Screenshot 2024 04 02 115743

Danielle Derouen

McKenzie Jones

McKenzie was forced to grow up quickly due to her mother’s struggle with addiction when McKenzie was young; often having to help take care of her younger sisters. When her mother passed away, McKenzie’s grandparents took her in, and she and her siblings were later adopted by their uncles. Despite all the setbacks in her life, McKenzie learned to keep a positive attitude and keep working towards her goals. McKenzie hopes to be a social worker to help those with rough home lives. With the help of the Pay It Forward Scholarship, McKenzie will get the chance to fulfill her dream.

Jakatelyn Williams

Jakatelyn Willis learned that everything is not as it seems when her father battled with addiction. Jakatelyn and her mother became close through the years. Jakatelyn’s role model is her mom, who always encourages her, motivates her, and is there for her no matter what. Inspiration and example in hand, Jakatelyn kept her grades up in school to seek success in the medical field. Now, with the help of the Pay It Forward Scholarship, she won’t have to worry about money while pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor.

Sydney Landry

Sydney Landry always worked hard and understood the value of education when being raised in a single parent household. The second of 5 children, Sydney watched her mother struggle with various health issues that had their family struggling financially. Despite Sydney’s financial and emotional battles, she was determined to achieve her goals. Sydney hopes to become an OBGYN and open her own practice, as well as open an outreach program for young kids. With the help of the Pay It Forward Scholarship, Sydney will continue to push to her full potential.

Unfortunately, due to the setbacks experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation was unable to award any Glenn Armentor Pay It Forward Scholarships of Excellence for the year 2020.

Philong Phan

Philong Phan worked hard at his grades, extracurriculars, and a job to help his parents get by. He maintained straight A’s while working 20-30 hours a week, all while participating in Track & Field, Quiz Bowl, and the National Honor Society at Cecilia High School. With the assistance provided by The Glenn Armentor Pay It Forward Scholarship, Philong will have the means to pay for school and achieved the success his parents always envisioned for him.

Angelique Schmidt

Growing up in a tumultuous household, Angelique Schmidt did not have an easy life. After being abandoned by her father her third year of high school, Angelique lost all her scholarship opportunities that were dependent on state residency. Despite these incredible setbacks and more, Angelique managed to earn a 4.1 GPA her senior year. With the help of The Glenn Armentor Pay It Forward Scholarship, Angelique will be able to pay for school and pursue her dream of becoming a pharmaceutical dermatologist.

Chloe Deville

Chloe Deville was raised by her grandparents, whose only income came from disability due to her grandfather’s illness. When her grandfather passed away, her grandmother was able to get a job, but only just enough to make ends meet. Chloe worked hard to maintain excellent grades, all while being heavily involved with the National Honor Society, BETA Club, and plenty of community service. After being awarded The Glenn Armentor Pay It Forward Scholarship, Chloe won’t have to struggle to pursue Nursing at UL Lafayette.

Major Willis, Jr.

Major Willis, Jr. has overcome many obstacles, maintaining an eagerness to learn, and excelling in academics despite not being able to physically attend class at times due to his disability. Engaging in many different community service efforts and being elected All District Treasurer for The Interact Group is just the tip of that iceberg for Major. With the help of The Glenn Armentor Pay It Forward Scholarship, Major will have the financial assist he needs to study Criminal Justice at UL Lafayette.
Ahraf Swati e1712082690588

Ahraf Swati

Sasha Rudd e1712084111641

Sasha Rudd

Haley Smith e1712084087338

Haley Smith

t rhyese e1712084062467

T Rhyese Robertson

ahni calais e1712084041901

Ahni Calais

joe mcgann e1712089745141

Joe McGann

destini catch

Destini Catchings

isabelle boudreaux

Isabelle Boudreaux

kim legnon

Kimberley Legnon

mercelino cruz

Marcelino Cruz

morgan bergeron

Morgan Bergeron

cal griffin e1712086274678

Calvin Griffin

russell williams e1712086392565

Russell Williams

nathan guidry e1712086315443

Nathan Guidry

darryl thibodeaux

Darryll Thibodeaux

avery guidry

Avery Guidry

steph martinez hernandez

Stephanie Martinez-Hernandez

sam watson

Samantha Watson

nicole templet

Nicole Templet

krislyn romero

Krislyn Romero

dillion freddie

Dillion Freddie

brennen andrus

Brennan Andrus

roslyn davis

Roslyn Davis

raven woods

Raven Woods

taylor romero

Taylor Romero

trevor duhon

Trevor Duhon

ngozi asonye

Ngozi Asonye