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The more you know about us and the better you understand the process of litigation, the better prepared you’ll be to make a decision. To help you, we’ve assembled everything from terms and definitions to how to select the best attorney for your case. We’ve even provided a form you can send to us to help determine if you have a case. Every form submitted is reviewed by our team of legal experts, whether we believe you have a case or not, we’ll respond. This service is completely free with no obligation to hire us after using it.

Example Questions to Ask an Attorney

How long have you been practicing law?

How long have you been practicing law in Louisiana?

In this community?

How many cases have you completed?

How many cases like mine have you completed?

How many cases have you settled compared to cases brought before a judge and jury?

How many cases have you tried before a judge only?

What is your winning percentage before a judge?

How many cases have you tried before a jury?

What is your winning percentage before a jury?

What is the total amount of judgment awards and settlements you’ve won for clients?

What is your rating on the world-wide Martin-Hubbell attorney rating system?

If your firm takes my case, will it be assigned to another attorney?

If the answer to this last question is "yes” then start from the top and ask the same questions about the attorney that will be assigned to your case.

Choosing the Right Lawyer

No two lawyers are alike. Making sure you get the perfect attorney for your case means asking the right questions. Don’t worry about hurting feelings or sounding naïve about the law. We’ve done this thousands of times, and it’s just as important to us as it is to you that the best lawyer available is assigned to your case. The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation’s staff of attorneys provides the expertise to handle many different types of cases. The questions you ask are the best way to make sure you get the attorney who’s right for you. With this in mind, here are a list of questions to get you started. As you look over these questions, they should help motivate some questions of your own.

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