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Over 47 Years of Experience Helping Accident Victims in Breaux Bridge

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Premier Breaux Bridge Personal Injury Lawyers

At The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation, we’re the premier Breaux Bridge Personal Injury Lawyers. When it comes to personal injury cases in Breaux Bridge, LA, our dedicated attorneys are here to support you. If you’ve been injured in an accident, complete our convenient form or call us at (337) 233-1471. We’ll assess your case at no charge to you. Remember, consulting with us before engaging with any insurance company is crucial. Don’t accept their offers without our guidance, as they may try to shift blame or pressure you unfairly. Rest assured, our Breaux Bridge Personal Injury Lawyers will protect your rights and fight for your recovery. Contact us today.

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Types of Cases Our Breaux Bridge Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

For residents of Breaux Bridge, LA, our law firm offers a wide range of practice areas to address your legal needs. Our Breaux Bridge Personal Injury Lawyers are committed to serving our community and delivering personalized legal solutions tailored to your circumstances.

Personal Injury FAQ's

If you suffer an injury in Breaux Bridge, LA, due to an accident, negligence, or a product malfunction, you deserve proper compensation for your pain, suffering, and lost wages. It’s crucial to understand your rights and know how to navigate the situation before, during, and after seeking medical aid. To assist you, we have compiled some Frequently Asked Questions. Rest assured, The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation is here to support you and ensure a fair settlement. Contact our Breaux Bridge Personal Injury Lawyers today for a free case evaluation.

Seek legal advice as soon as you or a family member become the victim of negligence by a third party.

Should I take photos/videos of the incident?

When possible, photograph or videotape the surroundings, instrumentalities or things that caused or played a role in causing the accident.

Should I call the police?

Where appropriate, call the police or governmental authorities to investigate, and:

  • Never be talked out of calling the authorities, because without a police, incident or investigative report, you may not be able to prove your case.
  • Give the police or authorities your full cooperation and a full, accurate account of what happened. Never admit fault and never exaggerate!
  • List for police or the authorities all symptoms of injury you may be feeling, no matter how slight.
  • Try to listen to what the other persons involved in any way in the accident or incident tells police or the authorities about what happened.
  • Ask the police or authorities about fault under law or regulations which apply to the accident or incident.
  • Cooperate fully and completely with any request made by the authorities, and always be courteous.
What do I do if I'm in pain?

If in pain, report your condition to any and all authorities involved in the investigation and request an ambulance.

Should I get property damage estimates?
Get property damage estimates on any damaged equipment or property from the accident, if you have appropriate coverage to repair such damages. Give these estimates to your attorney or to the negligent party’s insurance company if you have no attorney.
  • Try to get the identity of the responsible party’s insurance carrier and ask them to repair your damaged property.

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