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Domestic Violence Advocacy

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Our Partnership with Faith House of Acadiana

Standing Against Domestic Violence Together

At The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation, our commitment to justice intersects with our unwavering advocacy for the most vulnerable in our communities. With a deep-seated dedication to combating domestic violence, Glenn Armentor has not only championed legal recourse for victims but has also served as a steadfast spokesperson for Faith House of Acadiana, an organization at the forefront of providing support and resources to those affected by domestic abuse. Through his tireless efforts, Glenn is dedicated to ending the cycle of violence and empowering survivors to reclaim their lives. 

Faith House of Acadiana

If You're Experiencing Domestic Violence

At The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation, we recognize the profound impact that domestic violence can have on your life. That’s why we are deeply committed to offering not just legal support but also compassionate guidance to help you through this difficult time. Our strong partnership with Faith House of Acadiana ensures you have access to a wide range of comprehensive resources. Faith House provides emergency shelter, counseling, legal advocacy, and long-term support, empowering you to reclaim control and rebuild your life free from fear and harm.

Discover how Faith House can be your beacon of hope and support.