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Faith House Selects Glenn Armentor as Spokesperson - Friday, August 31, 2018
Faith House has always had a dedication to provide a safe haven for victims of domestic violence, exhausting every resource to ensure that each victim in their family is protected and given hope for a new life.

However, there is always more that can be done.

Louisiana ranks third in the nation based on the number of women murdered by men. Faith House wants to expand their reach and attempt to stop this abuse before it begins. Abusers often come from abusive homes, resorting to violence later in life because they have never known any differently. Faith House wants the community to know that It's Got to Stop.

In order to help achieve this goal, Faith House wished to pick a spokesperson who could start a revolutionary movement of men speaking out against domestic violence; someone who could address both groups and convince them to seek change and better their lives. With a unanimous vote by their Board of Directors, Faith House chose to offer the position of spokesperson to Glenn Armentor. 

Faith House feels that Glenn Armentor is the perfect choice as their spokesperson not only because he is a leader in the community, but because of his background. Mr. Armentor grew up in a household of ten children, with two parents who struggled to make ends meet. Despite their poverty, Glenn's father never laid a hand on his mother, and made sure to instill the same values in his children. As a teenager, Mr. Armentor started out on the wrong path; in fact, he got into trouble with the law several times. Due to the help of friends, family and even strangers, Glenn changed his future and became who he is today: a man that represents victims on a daily basis. 

Executive Director for Faith House Billi Lacomb said of their decision, "Faith House believes Glenn Armentor will be a strong voice and mentor to the Acadiana community. His combination of passion, life experience, wisdom and generosity will give him the ability to reach out to those victims and abusers that need the extra push to make a change."

"The help I received when I was a teen is never far from my mind. I'm passionate about helping at-risk people in the community. Whether it's someone struggling with domestic violence, poverty or the aftermath of a natural disaster, I want to pay forward the assistance that changed my life," said Glenn. "Listening and reaching out could be the saving grace a person didn't even know they needed."

The "It's Got to Stop" campaign will allow Faith House and Glenn Armentor to continue to help bring awareness to the community and inspire other men in Acadiana to speak out against domestic violence. We must resolve to change society's views of domestic violence and take a stand against all forms of abuse.

In this video, Glenn refers to his past work defending victims, and implores the audience that itís now time to stand up for victims of abuse.

In this piece, Glenn speaks directly towards victims of abuse, telling them that they should stand up for their rights Ė especially the right to feel safe in their own homes.

 In this video, Glenn speaks of his childhood spent in poverty, and how he was angry as a teen. Despite these setbacks, Glennís father always taught him to never hit a woman, and to take out his anger in a productive way.

This video shows Glenn calling upon the viewer to step forward and take action against abuse, because it could save someoneís life.


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