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Industrial/Chemical/Explosive Accidents

Industrial and chemical accident cases are typically very complicated and difficult to prosecute, as they almost always involve large corporations and their insurance companies backed by major resources. That’s why we urge you NOT to sign anything and to contact our firm as soon as possible if you or someone you love is involved in such an accident. You can contact us anytime by calling 1-800-960-5551 – or contact us online by using this form.

At The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation we have a great deal of expertise in handling industrial and chemical accident cases. In addition to the considerable hands-on experience we have amassed over the past three decades, we have access to a team of highly qualified experts in this field. So you can rest assured that nothing will be left to chance and that our team will build the strongest case possible on your behalf. In fact, we win 98.9% of our cases – and we can win for you, too.

Over the years our firm has developed a list of industrial accident Do's and Don'ts that have proven immeasurably beneficial in protecting our clients. We have made this information available in an effort to educate and benefit our clients, and we are certain it will provide invaluable assistance in the event of a serious industrial accident. A thorough review of this information will teach you what you need to know to place your case in the most advantageous position for success in a complicated area of the law.


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