More Than 4 Decades...
We're firmly established as one of Louisiana's pre-eminent plaintiffs' litigation firms. Founded in 1977, our firm has represented thousands of clients, amassing a phenomenal success rate. Constructed as a pillar of hope for the community, our recently expanded office "Good Hope Hall" provides the best in court preparation and case analysis to help those hurting or in need due to workers compensation, auto, maritime, chemical explosive and medical malpractice accidents.
Pay it Forward
Do You Know A Deserving Child?
The Glenn Armentor Pay-It-Forward Scholarship program has a personal story. Glenn grew up in poverty as one of 10 children. Before he reached the age of 18, he had already been arrested many times. Had it not been for friends, family and even total strangers, Glenn likely would have spent  life as a defendant rather than as one of the most successful attorneys in the south.


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