The Glenn Armentor $10,000 Pay-It-Forward Scholarship

The Glenn Armentor $10,000 Pay-It-Forward Scholarship Program of Excellence is a wonderful program with a very special story behind it.

Glenn Armentor grew up in poverty as one of 10 children. Before he reached the age of 18, he had already been arrested many times. Had it not been for the thoughtful intervention of friends, family and even total strangers, Glenn likely would have spent his life as a defendant in courtrooms rather than as one of the most successful attorneys in the South.

These scholarships are a way for Glenn to pay forward what he cannot pay back. It is a way to give a deserving child with great potential the chance to grow into the bright future that they richly deserve just as those special people in his past helped Glenn to overcome major economic and domestic adversity as a child.

These scholarships are given annually to at-risk young men or women who display the spirit, work ethic and character that is deserving of a chance for a better future as well as needy adults facing exceptional hardship. The scholarships are awarded by an independent panel of community leaders based on a combination of attributes including: student performance, drive, ability, need and desire to seek a college degree and more.

The chosen students may use the $10,000 to pursue any major offered by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. In addition, while attending school the recipients will be given a job at The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation, with work scheduled around their school hours.

If you know of a deserving at-risk young man or woman, or adult that might be "starting over", please pass their name along to us by emailing, call our Scholarship Department at 337-233-1471 or click here to see an application. A simple phone call or email could be all that a child with a passion to be better needs to grow into an amazing future.

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